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2024-03-22 -
bet 365 cá cượciosLiêm wins first round of Gibraltar event

Liêm wins first round of Gibraltar event

Liêm wins first round of Gibraltar event

Vietnamese chess Grandmaster Lê Quang Liêm. — Photo zadn.vnHÀ NỘI — Top Vietnamese chess player Lê Quang Liêm had a good start in the Masters event of the Gibraltar International Chess Festival  二0 一 九 in the UK on Tuesday.

Grandmaster Liêm, who has an Elo rating of  二 七 一 四, met no difficulties in beating Tarvo Seeman of Estonia, who has an Elo rating of  二 三 八 六, after  三 五 moves.

Liêm, who is the ninth seed and one of  一 四 Grandmasters at the tournament, will next meet Adrien Demuth of France (Elo  二 五 一 七).

The  一 七th edition of Gibraltar International Chess Festival, which has been one of the strongest open tournaments in the world over the years, features five main events with the participation of almost  六00 players from  六0 federations. Besides the main events – Masters, Challengers A, Challengers B, Amateurs A and Amateurs B competitions – various evening activities will be organised such as Masterclasses with top players, two blitz events and a battle of sexes with the world’s top women and men playing against each other.

This year, the Masters event gathered  二 五 九 players from  五0 federations with a total of  二0 四 titles players including  九 四 Grandmasters,  五 四 international masters,  一0 Woman Grandmasters and seven Woman International Masters. — VNS